David Adam KANNER

I have been an osteopath since 2004. After a first year at CEESO Paris I continued my studies at ISO Aix-en-Provence.

I became interested in osteopathy after an experience in energy healing. I looked for a medicine that combined energetics and matter (structure), which I found in osteopathy.

Osteopathy fascinates me because it looks at the person as a whole: its structure, the fasciae, the fluids, the energy system, the nervous system, the digestive system. The conscious body is inhabited by the history of the person. “Let the tissue know” they say. Listening to the patient’s body invites you to a journey through its history. Relieving tissues and blockages offers a much larger release, and that’s exciting.

Osteopathy is a whole therapy. It supports the person in all its dimensions. The 20th century science has broken down barriers between body, psyche, emotions and mind. Taking a global look at a human being, accompanied by conscious touch, opens up a wider field of action.


I finally found comprehensive care for the scar, for myself and for my child. I became aware of all that the Caesarean left in me, and then with great delicacy I was able to walk through it and free myself, to feel good about myself, my motherhood and my femininity. I was able to digest and cope with my caesarean. Fears, anger, guilt and frustration have subsided to find meaning and gratitude. The neck pain is gone, I feel more confident. The relationship with my daughter Elsa has become more harmonious. I’m more relaxed with her, she feels more free and independent, I can feel it in the way we look at each other, and touch each other. We have been able to speak openly of his birth. There is a before and an after the GSH session.


Mr. Kanner’s broad vision of my body and the origins of problems suits me. He takes the time to listen, to seek to understand and then to explain his renunciation so that I can become an actor in my healing process. I like the idea of ​​support in osteopathy, of supporting the body and my being towards a new balance.