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The goal of this seminar is to take care of the scar by considering all its dimensions in order to find (again) the Global Harmony in the body.

Stages of learning:

  • The integration of our vision of the scar
  • The different levels of disturbance and their consequences
  • Many practical experiences
  • The benefits of scar treatment by GSH
  • The opportunity the scar brings for deep healing


Educational content:

  1. The harmonious functioning of the body
  2. Between Shalom / Peace (peace) Shalem (entire) and Piece (piece)
  3. The skin and the scar – physiology, anatomy, and symbolism.
  4. Post-Traumatic Stress State: Scar, trauma, and neurobiology.
  5. The meaning of the scar
  6. The opportunity that the scar offers in the healing process
  7. The diagnosis of the scar.
  8. The subtle anatomy.
  9. Practical work: tissue and energy
  10. The GSH protocol
  11. Techniques to best support the patient
  12. Cesarean section – a scar like no other
    1. Cesarean section and neurophysiology
    2. Impact of cesarean section on the mother-child bond
    3. Supporting a woman after cesarean section
    4. Energetic childbirth after cesarean section
    5. Prepare for a VBAC
    6. Avoiding a Cesarean and the Causes of a Cesarean
    7. Caesarean section, femininity, and sexuality



As a physiotherapist, I followed Adam-David’s course after a conference and I was not disappointed: Adam is passionate and fascinating, and his method stems from his listening experience and his way of communicating around the birth and motherhood. Any scar represents an experience. I liked the energy approach, so often forgotten in classical therapy, as it fulfills a need for so many women, sometimes even unconsciously… THANK YOU very much for this treatment, and I advise both therapists of all backgrounds, mothers and others who want to “listen” to their scars to give it a try! And the icing on the cake: the green setting and the welcome.

Sophie Planche