I became better physically, but also energetically and emotionally… Geraldine

From a health perspective, the removal of a tumor is a life-saving procedure. At the same time though, it is very invasive and creates a multitude of problems in the body. The consequences can be local and remote. The scar remains the symbol of the disease, of the tragedy that the person has experienced. After the surgery, the patient is often in denial of the scar and its area. He tries to avoid it because any contact is reminiscent of the tumor, fear, panic, anger, sadness, guilt … The patient cuts the link with the area. It is a local post-traumatic state, and it is normal. The scar is an active entity. It can be painful physically and also psychologically. Taking care of the scar in all its dimensions by GSH is necessary for the healing and rehabilitation journey.

Any scar is important to take care of by GSH.
Like the phantom limbs, the removed tissues and organs continue to have an energetic existence and a neurobiological consciousness connection.

GSH helps the person to come out of the traumatic state and to soothe the experience. It is an assimilation process for the body and mind. Consciousness returns to the injured area, bringing new vitality. Energy leakage decreases. This is an important step in the re-appropriation of the body and the return to LIFE.

A scar that relaxes in all its dimensions allows the entire body to relax, both physically and emotionally. It is an invitation to find tenderness.

Sometimes the scar allows us to understand the causes of the disease. It is like a door to access our body and its history. The memories and previous conflicts that contributed to the development of the disease can be revealed during the care of the scar, which promotes overall healing and well-being.


I came for back pain. I was amazed at Mr. Kanner’s interest in my scar from the left breast removal surgery I had two years ago. He helped me understand the connection between loss of rib mobility as well as fascial tension and my back. During the treatment I felt the multitude of connections between the scar and the whole body. My breathing has changed and my chest is moving freely. I feel my whole body. Heat released from the scar area and life energy began to flow. I gained in being better physically, but also in terms of energy and emotion. I can now understand why I got this tumor in the first place, and I have much more vitality than ever before.

GSH scar care has completely changed my life.