This journey opened a door that I was not aware of, towards the woman I am and my sexuality… Christelle

A scar in the shadows. A cut from the scalpel that touches a woman’s most intimate area. Passed the discussion whether the episiotomy was necessary or not, the simple act of cutting the perineum can be experienced as a violation, trauma, and sometimes mutilation, consciously or unconsciously.

To heal this scar, to heal the flower and the door to the temple of the femininity, is a real blessing. Supporting the connection between the perineum and its region, and the rest of the body and heart, allows vital energy to flow with joy and pleasure.

On a mechanical level, the perineum can lose its general flexibility and the scar becomes a source of tensions which are directed towards it. This changes the balance of the pelvis and can affect other parts of the body from there. The perineum is considered as a diaphragm which works in synergy with the other diaphragms (see the book on Cesarean section) in the body including the thoracic and respiratory diaphragms, then an Iranian diaphragm (tent of the cerebellum). A change in the mobility of the perineum causes a change in the thoracic and cranial diaphragm. The three diaphragms are like the three temples in the body. The temple of consciousness (in the skull) the temple of emotion (in the thorax) and the temple of the inner earth (in the basin).

The simple fact that the episiotomy no longer hurts is not enough to ensure its balance. Here again, non-pain can be a sign of dissociation.

How is the relation between the perineum, the vagina and this scar area?

It is very easy to understand the negative effects of cesarean section on mother and child, but sometimes the episiotomy is part of a highly medicalised birth process with oxytocin injection and an epidural. In this case we can find side effects very similar to those of the cesarean section.


Christelle is a patient that I have seen regularly for the past year for back problems and herniated discs. She gave birth vaginally with an overdosed epidural. She couldn’t feel a thing and couldn’t push. It was a nurse who pressed on her belly to take the baby out.
That day she told me about the difficulty of separating from her 16-year-old son, especially when he was with his father, from whom she had been separated for 12 years.

It’s understable, during childbirth he was ripped from me. It was complicated and so each separation makes me experience this event again… she tells me.

This time I am not working on the scar. I put my hand on her belly, asking her to remember the birth. She doesn’t feel anything. Not even my hand on her. It is the sensory void between the solar plexus and the thighs. She cries when she realizes this. I suggest that she comes back just before the delivery.

It’s better. But the idea that the separation from the child is near and inevitable is very complicated.

She cries again. I just have my hand on her belly. A hand that listens and unrolls the tissue and its states of mind.

I suggest that she reminds herself of the relationship with her baby, inside of her. She cries and then calms down.

The belly “fills up”. She feels my hand on her belly.

After a few minutes I propose:

How about offering this energy to the father, and to life…?

Too complicated

She cries. Her path begins…

But how can I trust? Can I be sure that I won’t be assaulted? That I am safe?

Questions that arise, which resonate well with the story of this woman who has a great wound in her relationship with men. She suffered assault during her teenage years. She has a hard time trusting and opening up to her femininity. She has a somewhat masculine, defensive attitude and a language that can be aggressive.

I realize that I’ve been cut off from my femininity since giving birth. I can feel it coming back to life inside of me. thank you.

The “Energy” decreases.

It’s super powerful what’s going on inside, she says.
That’s it, he’s out! the belly is empty… she exclaims.

I take the “Energy” and I put it on her heart. A lot of emotion.

I gave birth. It’s wonderful. Thank you life.

Upon her return home, her son has left to his father.

I see it differently, and feel differently about it… she writes.

Then her son calls her to ask questions about his first and last names.

He is connected.

He can feel everything, she replies.

This journey opened a door for me that I was not aware of, to the woman I am and my sexuality. I feel peaceful with this part of my body. The relationship with my child has become harmonious. I am more peaceful and he is more free. I am full of gratitude.

We can see in this story the similarity with the cesarean section. During a hypermedicalized birth, the mother’s body is assisted in delivering the child. But it doesn’t have the energy of the woman that does. She was unaware of it. As a result this energy waits inside to be set in motion so that the different systems are informed of the birth. May the wife be back and the mother in her rightful place and so may the child be free.