What has been hurt needs connection and love…

This sentence is true for a person but also for a tissue. How to restore the bond and love between the different tissues as well as the injured person.

The Global Scar Harmonisation technique is an innovative protocol to relieve and transform the physical, energetic and emotional aspects of the scar. It is a process to integrate the traumatic experience. It was passed on to me by Dr. Philippe Mahé, and I bring new elements through my own experiences.

Why Global?

Because a person is a whole. This is one of the fundamental principles of osteopathy. We are caring for someone who has a scar, and not just the scar. The scar is part of a whole system. Understanding the big picture helps us better identify the impact of the scar on this system.

Global Scar also because we consider the scar in its physical (mechanical), emotional (emotional memories related to the operation or the injury and its causes) and energetic aspects.

Why Harmonisation ?

To harmonise is to bring together various things, even opposites. Get the various systems, at various levels, to work together, in harmony.

Harmonisation Scar
Caring for the scar, with the aim to harmonise the different aspects of the scar with the whole body.

Global Harmonisation
This work is based on a vision of the overall harmony of the person. It requires in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, post-traumatic stress syndrome (even at the local scar level), energy system and emotional support.

The first step in the GSH technique is to diagnose the impact of the scar on the whole body.

Then more specifically: 

  • Skin appearance and sensitivity.
  • Body awareness in the scar area.
  • Tissue / visceral / bone condition depending on the type of scar.
  • Energy disturbances.

The emotional aspect is considered. A scar always has a story. Whether it’s an injury or an illness, it often happens at a particular time in a person’s life. Either way there can be emotions associated with the event.

Once a complete evaluation is carried out we begin the treatment, according to the various levels and systems. GSH gives answers to different levels of disturbances.

Finally, the protocol ends with the re-education of the traumatic tissues with a positive and enlightened message, which allows a new anchoring in a fluid and positive dynamic

Growth of the Scar

Healing a scar is not about getting back to pre-illness state. This state was not harmonious and caused the disease. The scar can be a door through which an dark memory or emotion can become clear. The cause of the disease can be revealed. The conflict can be resolved. Claiming back the part of the body that has been operated on allows you to renew, with fresh energy and consciousness.
The GSH process is a way to sublimate the scar, turning vulnerability into power, and shadow into light. This is an opportunity to express gratitude, for the path the scar takes us on.