I have become an accomplished mother. Since the GSH sessions I can fully say “I gave birth”. Chloé

The cesarean scar is a scar like no other. In addition to the impact on the body, it cuts off the deep and sacred process of childbirth. Therefore it impacts the mother-child relationship but also the relationship of the woman with herself, as a mother and a woman.


Physically it is important to understand that these scars are at least 3 or even 5 scars (depending on the method) The skin, white line fasciae, peritoneum, and uterus. Given these different structures involved in cesarean section, the impact on the body is significant and widespread.

A range of symptoms can be linked to the cesarean section. The most common are low back pain and neck pain after a cesarean, but also digestive and other disorders.


Guilt, frustration, anger, and sadness are some of the emotions and moods we often hear when listening to mothers who have had Caesarean section. The GSH treatment helps soothe these emotions. It is important to take care of this because the mother looks and thinks of the child through the clouded filter of her emotions.

Calming your emotions (which are sometimes repressed and are found in the subconscious) allows you to “clean” the filter and have a more neutral field for the relationship. With his behavior, the child responds to parental emotion.


We now know from observations in mammals that the archaic brain does not induce childbirth during a cesarean section. For him childbirth never existed. This explains why some mothers find it difficult to say “I gave birth” and sometimes wonder “What is he / she doing here?”. Also, the typical “first glance” did not generate that instant connection.

As a way to level out and compensate, we observe a relationship that is often more fusional than normal (if normality exists) or more distant. The mother often cannot realise because it is all that she knows… she is in the system and cannot take a step back to look. It is an unconscious and neurobiological process. Through the GSH treatment, the experience of the cesarean is digested, and the mother-child relationship harmonises on its own.

Cesarean section can be treated at any time and at any age. This will relax the mother and have a positive impact on the child (even if he / she is an adult).

Since the delivery process has not been completed, the body retains the energy that was intended for it (whether it was a scheduled or emergency cesarean section).

It has become very common to bring your child to an osteopath after childbirth, especially after a medical and traumatic childbirth. It is also important for the mother to take care of her childbirth. When the mother releases the experience of the cesarean section and its causes, and experiences the energetic childbirth, it automatically releases the child. I regularly see babies and children who experience the “first glance” once the mother has experienced these releases. It’s quite spectacular.


Cesarean section or episiotomy can have an impact on a woman’s sex life. Sex life can change after a natural childbirth too. Obstetric scars can be experienced as wound to femininity and negatively affect desire and libido. Sometimes it is the energy drain from the cesarean section that reduces blood flow to the small pelvis, perineum, and vagina. Releasing the scar will release lower body energy, and Life and Sexual energy.


It’s important to stress out that a caesarean section should not prevent future natural childbirth. My experience with thousands of women after caesarean has taught me some of the possible causes for this unsuccessful delivery. GSH offers a path to be free from the consequences of the cesarean section experience, shifting it initial causes. 90% of women supported by GSH give birth vaginally.


I finally found comprehensive care for the scar, for myself and for my child. I became aware of all that the Caesarean left in me, and then with great delicacy I was able to walk through it and free myself, to feel good about myself, my motherhood and my femininity. I was able to digest and cope with my caesarean. Fears, anger, guilt and frustration have subsided to find meaning and gratitude. The neck pain is gone, I feel more confident. The relationship with my daughter Elsa has become more harmonious. I’m more relaxed with her, she feels more free and independent, I can feel it in the way we look at each other, and touch each other. We have been able to speak openly of his birth. There is a before and an after the GSH session.


My caesarean scar is 20 years old. I didn’t know how she was still impacting me with such great force. The GSH work has freed me. I still had a “missing end” from my Caesarean section. Energetic childbirth is a real childbirth. I’ve been waiting for it for so long. That’s it, it’s done. It’s amazing how it freed my 20 year old son…


Maud Spie, midwife, participated to a GSH training and shares her observation on an energetic birth:

What I observed was that her breathing became heavier, she started to fidget and cry out, with pain in her tailbone. She moved her pelvis then put her legs with her feet in (to open the top of the pelvis) then her feet out (to open the bottom of the pelvis)… alternating several times and continuing to shout that her pelvis was aching. She felt like her legs were fidgety… which is exactly the movements that a woman giving birth performs when her baby passes though the pelvis. She screamed one last time when she felt a heat wave leaving her pelvis… then nothing. Her breathing had calmed down and she was no longer moving.