GSH to really feel better about yourself

The skin regains its softness and the pleasure of being touched…
The body regains a new vitality… Severine

The desire to improve body shape and image is a noble and respectful process. Cosmetic surgery is possible in many areas on the body, and even if the intention is positive, a scar is still a scar and it leaves unwanted effects.

For example:

Breast surgery (to enlarge, shrink, reshape or reconstruct after an ablation) allow the woman to feel better with her image. But is that enough to make you feel better about yourself? The skin (and the underlying tissues) which has been cut, stitched up, and suffered trauma, often remains too sensitive or conversely less sensitive, even insensitive. The shape of the breasts is improved but awareness and sensitivity are no longer there. Sometimes the scar is red and / or hard. The scar can be beautiful, but the relationship with the scar and its area can be difficult.

I found a new presence in my chest and a pleasure in touching and being touched. My breasts are mine. It’s awesome! I love them and I love myself even more… Delphine

A tummy tuck removes excess skin on the abdomen. The belly is smooth and beautiful. The scar is very large and in addition to discomfort and numbness, it creates tension in the fascia system and can cause postural problems and various pain in other areas.

I lived with the insensitivity as if it was normal. I didn’t even realise the tension in the scar and its impact. Thanks to the GSH scar treatment I rediscovered a sensitive and pleasant skin, a soft tummy and my recurrent lower back pains have disappeared as well… Christine

An ideal practice for finding balanced, sensitive, pleasant to the touch, soft and pink skin.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Can you touch the scar?
  • Can someone else touch the scar?
  • Does it feel nice to touch?
  • When you breathe into the scarred area (e.g. chest), do you feel that area fully?

We often hear the myth of severed nerves as the cause of lack of sensitivity. My experience shows another reality. Insensitivity is the body’s way of dealing with trauma. The perception of the scar zone disconnects from the rest of the body system by unconscious and automatic survival reaction of the nervous system. Sometimes the sensitivity comes back on its own partially, but rarely completely.

Thanks to the Global Harmonization of Scars treatment, the skin regains its sensitivity, and the scarred area recovers its consciousness and vitality. In addition, the tissues relax, soften, and regain a pink and harmonious color. The skin is an organ of pleasure, excitability, caress, and enjoyment. Finding a healthy and harmonious relationship with all parts of the skin is a door to the overall well-being of the person.

It is a complementary approach to cosmetic surgery towards the new life of the person.


I chose to have breast surgery. I needed it and I am very happy with the result. The change in sensitivity and decreased excitability of the skin and nipples seemed to be the price to pay… After the GSH treatments, the feeling returned to normal. My breasts are mine again and I enjoy touching and caressing them again. My relationship to my body and my breasts has completely changed. I find great vitality.