GSH takes care of the tissue, emotional energy, and body awareness.
We can provide remote support for the different aspects of the scar except the work of the tissue. I regularly consult remotely with patients from all over the world.

How does it work?

During a telephone interview (or video, zoom, etc.), I ask the patient about their experience, the emotional impact and tissue sensitivity. Then through listening to the body, the person teaches me about their inner state.
From these elements we begin a process of integration and liberation of the scar and its experience.
Even without physical contact, the treatment is very effective. The tissues relax, the emotions are released, and the body awareness expands.


Things are much better today!! I slept better, feeling better about the contractions! I feel more peaceful overall! For me the session was very effective! Which is very surprising considering that there is no physical proximity and yet it works very well! clearly the effects were immediate: I felt very relaxed and had a nap right after hanging up! It’s crazy!! we also talked about childbirth with my partner, which also reassured me. I must admit that I find that incredible! I didn’t think the session could be so effective over the phone!! Thank you!!