First and foremost, the person who needs help with a scar must be considered as a complete and comprehensive system. I welcome the person with his physical, psychic, and energetic history. GSH care is a global approach.

  • What place does this injury / surgery have in the person’s history?
  • Are there any other surgery or trauma?
  • Is the body ready to receive a GSH treatment in order to integrate the scar well?
  • Is the vital flow circulating sufficiently? Is the soil “open” and nourished?

Open the door before pulling the tiger’s tail… Chinese proverb.

In certain circumstances we will offer a preparation session before the scar session. So that the body and the person are ready and open to receive this treatment and to welcome the scar in all its dimensions.

  1. Epidural or spinal anesthesia: The impact of these anesthesia on the overall system is considerable. The dura mater that surrounds the nervous system and contains cerebrospinal fluid is malfunctioning. It can influence the mechanical, nervous, fluidic, and hormonal systems. The mother needs to find a global balance.
  2. Post-trauma / Whiplash : learn more 
  3. Other…

Once the soil is ready, the care for the scar is more effective and is better integrated.

We consider that 3 sessions are necessary to treat a scar.