Any scar is an attack memorised in the tissues! Dr. Philippe Mahé

This sentence underscores the need to treat any scar.
Anytime is a good time to heal a scar. A 30-year-old scar does not mean it no longer affects the body, it means that the body has been living in a limited and tiring way for 30 years and that it is time to help it regain its potential. Time doesn’t necessarily help. Time causes the problem to set in and often to expand. Regardless of the age of the scar, the treatment will break the traumatic and problematic cycle in order to regain balance, tissue flexibility and energy flow.

We treat scars that are 10, 20, 30 or 40 years old…


We can treat the scar immediately after the surgery or after the injury.
Treating the scar immediately after the surgery can facilitate healing but also reduce pain, inflammation and prevent future problems such as sticking points, redness, hardness or tenderness.

The scar area is relieved from the traumatic event it suffered.

In the case of caesarian section or episiotomy, rapid treatment allows a faster recovery for the mother, and helps with the mother-child bond (breastfeeding, bonding, emotion)


We offer these treatments during pregnancy which prepares the body for changes to come, and also helps appeasing the previous experience in order to prepare for the new one. GSH helps preparing for a vaginal birth after cesarean delivery.